Viewing Grant Proposal: Green Projects Group Residential Electrification Education Program

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2/27/2023 11:21:29 AM
I support this project. The stated goal of the EIED grant program is to develop low carbon energy infrastructure, and the MI Healthy Climate Plan calls for Michigan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, with a prioritization on actions that will provide the most rapid gains in GHG reductions. But achieving these goals can be difficult to implement, especially as the electrification landscape is confusing for your average resident. Therefore, funds from this grant should go towards projects like this one. Through this project, multiple change agents will be able to help residents across the state work towards decarbonization. This is something greatly needed in the state, and will help residents across the state and country. This is perfectly in line with the stated goal of the EIED grant program, and thus should strongly be considered for funding as Michigan leads the country into this next era of clean energy.
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2/27/2023 1:10:39 PM
Good example of a grass-roots effort to help people do this very complicated work. I support.
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2/27/2023 3:06:20 PM
I am in support of this proposal. Creating an education program for residents to advance electrification is an important step to achieving the stated goal of the EIED grant program to develop low-carbon infrastructure. As an individual working for a local government in the area of sustainability, I know that we would appreciate the implementation of this program.
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2/27/2023 3:32:17 PM
We support this effort and would love to work with the applicants to share experiences from the City of Ann Arbor if this program gets funded.
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2/27/2023 3:56:48 PM
I support this program. Electrification of fossil fuel burning appliances and vehicles is necessary to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. This is directly in line with the EIED grant program.
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